MIAMI NICE, Miami's only hyper-local publication, has grown up.

After three-plus years as a little baby blog, we finally moved out of Mami and Papi's house into our new digs – miaminicemag.com. MIAMI NICE's brand new website features an interactive map, pop-up shop and new features daily including interviews, culture and style.

Miami is a city unlike any other in language, geography, and demographic. While there is plenty of nice in Miami, it has lacked a local publication as a platform to engage the local community, curate an authentic visual aesthetic, and connect through conversation. All the verbal mumbo-jumbo aside, we’ve just never seen anything that looks like our Miami  - until miami nice.

The mission of MIAMI NICE is to explore authentic Miami culture. We can use the Internet to look at anything, anywhere why explore what's nice right here in our own neighborhood?

MIAMI NICE aims to bridge the space between the keyboard and real life through this blog and experiential pop up projects. 

MIAMI NICE is a website about authentic Miami culture. It's a strip mall sushi place on Bird Road and 57th. It's showing up an hour late and being the first person there. It's buying mangoes at an intersection. It's planning your outfit for heat, 20-minute thunderstorms, but more importantly, mosquitos. We're lifelong Miamians, and we know these things. Actually, we think they're really nice.

MIAMI NICE focuses on what's nice about Miami. We're exploring the things you never have time to do. Need a new lunch spot by your office? Been looking for the perfect crocheted bikini? Want to make a Vietnamese sandwich out of your leftover picadillo? That's what we're here for.

MIAMI NICE started as a summer pop up blog. The concept was simple - so many young Miamians leave town for college, come back over the summer and look for something new to do. It grew. We threw a party or two, had tea with Stella McCartney and toured the construction site of the new art museum. We interviewed local swimsuit designersjalapeño jam makersguayaba macaroon bakers, late-night DJsmusic managers and more nice people.

Now, we expanded into a full-time blog, and have now launched a website featuring an interactive NICE PLACES map, a POP-UP SHOP featuring local artists and regionally sourced vintage, and more, more, more of the features people have come to love like interviews, recipes, resort fashion and #onlyinmiami snapshots.