mango shrimp tacos recipe


the branches on my mango tree are so heavy with this year's bounty that I had to take full advantage. So, we (MIAMI NICE, in collaboration with the newly launched MCL Coordination and photographer and content producer extraordinaire Giselle Navarro Macias) cooked up recipe after recipe of mango-centric recipes for getting through your stash (or that stash you stole from your neighbor's tree or inherited from your work-bestie) without resorting to the old freeze-and-use-for-smoothies trick. 

First up, grilled shrimp over a bed of broccoli slaw on a tostada topped with mango pico de gallo. It's easy, it's beautiful, it's healthy, it's colorful and hot damn is it tasty. Read on for the full recipe:  



shrimp tostadas with mango pico de gallo 


corn tostadas 

broccoli slaw 


grilled shrimp 

tail-on Key West shrimp 

garlic and parsley powder 



red pepper flakes


mango pico de gallo 

2 mangos, chopped 

cilantro, diced 

scallions, chopped 

red onion, diced 



jalapeno, seeded and diced 


Season shrimp with garlic powder and parsley powder to taste and grill over high heat. Meanwhile, mix together the Mango Pico de Gallo ingredients and finish with salt and to taste. At the last minute, lightly toast the tostadas for extra crunch and stack with broccoli slaw, shrimp and mango salsa. Hit with a final squeeze of lime and serve with hot sauce of choice.