where to stop on your scooter in key west


my parents pulled a Parrot Head move and spent the summer in Key West on their boat - we went to visit and I finally got to tick a visit to the Hemingway House off my list. More on the marina life in Key West later. The only mode of transportation you need, and the only kind you can find parking for, in Key West is scooter - available for rent just about everywhere on the island and surprisingly easy to learn how to drive, even for someone who rarely gets behind the wheel like myself (perks of working from home in my pajamas every day). 

Rent a scooter and make a few pit stops at these nice places: 

Louie's Backyard + Dog Beach 

Louie's Backyard is a classic Key West bar/patio where there's a chatty bartender and a cold beer waiting for you. The nicest part about this chill spot is the very, very cute view of the dogs playing and swimming in the water at the dog beach right next door. Louie's backyard is basically a platform overlooking the beach where dogs of all sizes are having a better time than you will all weekend - and I always have a really good time in Key West. 



Key West Aquarium 

I have really fond childhood memories of the Key West Aquarium, where I remember there being a serious "petting zoo" situation and that was just the kind of thing I was into. Every time I go to Key West as an adult I mean to get back to this spot but I never quite make it - let's just say there are a lot of distractions in the area with adult beverages involved. If you make it down there soon - go for me. 


Get A Coconut, Nature's Hydration 

I noticed quite a few places to buy fresh coconuts on the street in Key West. I also noticed some of these establishments keep very irregular hours, so if you see somewhere that's open, go ahead and grab a coconut on the spot. It is HOT in Key West, and you get lots of sun on the scooter; you'll be glad for the delicious and fresh form of hydration. 


This is a picture of me and my driver on our two person scooter. Wear sunscreen. Wear a hat. Don't forget sunglasses. You'll need all three. 


Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden 

My parents discovered this place on a scooter exploration earlier in the month and we went back knowing it would be right up my alley. This garden is open and entrance is by donation, and it's really, really nice. When you need an activity that doesn't involve alcohol or cover songs, you should stop in and visit with the endangered flora and fauna at Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden. 







Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

This is a total no-brainer, but there's is a pro-trick that my parents picked up - get there early and go see Dominique the Catman of Key West. Below is a picture of my dad with his t-shirt that has all the catch phrases of the Catman, a French man who does a show where he yells those catch phrases at his cats and they perform a circus act. It's the kind of Key West kitsch you want.