5 Runway Looks That Are Made For Miami

Fashion Week suddenly felt relevant again. After many seasons of full on skipping the slideshows, this season perked my interest. It might be because they're switching up the format, adding in the direct purchase technology and giving some new designers a lot of attention, but mostly I think it's because the modernist silhouette and bikini tops just feel so Miami. 

The vibe is skimpy, sweat proof and #girlbossy. Below are a few pics for runway looks that felt right for right now down here in the tropics and some thoughts on where to wear them: 


Thom Browne does psychedelics in Boca. 


Alexander Wang has the genius idea to make beach towels out of sequins so that you can go straight to a gala from the sand. 


Charlotte Olympia looks like the coolest girl at your high school reunion. 

Alexander Wang's off-duty lifeguard went to a steakhouse and was given the house sport coat to cover up. Or is this what the youngins are going to be wearing to the club? It could go either way. 


Marc Jacobs' take on how to go from Ultra to Hoy Como Ayer. 


Derek Lam's finale look is GOALS for every wedding in Miami from now until forever.