at versailles, the night fidel castro died


I was at a Black Magic themed party the night, or really, the morning Fidel Castro died. The magic was strong. Just a few minutes after the BBC posted the news the hostess gave a toast that ended with "P'arriba, p'abajo, Fidel p'al carajo!" and I hopped in a black Suburban and hit the road blasting classic rock and headed to Versailles, the only place to be. We were doing what we'd always envisioned we'd do, the four other women in the car and I including my childhood friend and college roommate Alex Valls who was our driver and is the daughter of the owner of Versailles.

There's not too much to say and not much to say. Hopefully we see change in Cuba soon, attention paid to human rights and freedom of speech, but we don't expect to see it tomorrow and we didn't expect to see it that night - we got exactly what we expected; a party in the street with thousands of strangers banging on pots and pans and celebrating that something, anything had changed in Cuba. 


the first and only time I had champagne with croquetas 


#viejaswag in action. these ladies mumst have had this boss sign ready for years. 

we were some of the first couple hundred people there so we made it on tv. this was taken at the Black Magic Party. 

just another night at 4 AM in Versailles. these waitresses are 1,000 angel emojis. 


falta Raul! 

this was early in the night/morning when there were still some empanadas to be had, I never did get that cafesito thoughb2ap3_thumbnail_versailles-fidel-8.JPGla casa del exilio