bahama's fish market

b2ap3_thumbnail_bahama-fish-market-2-.jpgI've spent some time thinking about why we won't have a better fish market / restaurant culture in Miami, but not enough to figure out any good reason why. The best I can do is offer Bahama's Fish Market as a bit of light in an otherwise dark world. 

Bahamas Fish Market, located on Calle Ocho where all good things are, is the kind of place I'm always looking to have lunch. It's full of old people, the women there call you chuchita or mi hija or other nice things, and you're whole lunch of fried goodness will cost you less than $7 bucks - and that includes the biggest pan con minuta sandwich I've ever been served. 

Speaking of pan con minuta, I've just learned that the defining ingredient in the sandwich isn't so much the fish, but the curry based batter that it's fried in. I've never seen curry on a Cuban menu, but it makes perfect sense both flavor-wise and geographically, that this Caribbean ingredient would add a certain something. Anyone have some insight as to why curry didn't make its way into more Cuban dishes? 






7200 sw 8th street