bal harbour by dark


wandering a mall at night is spooky - especially with a belly full of paté and rosé (any sentence with two accents in it is a pretty nice one, right?). 

Last night I had to take a late night lap around Bal Harbour after a big meal at the new Stephen Starr restaurant Le Zoo, a French brasserie, to digest my food baby of baguette. Last week, a friend reminded me of the importance of a walk after eating when we had a power lunch at Yuga in the Gables (I say power lunch both because it's funny and because said friend works at Merrill Lynch so while I was in my yoga pants it was actually a power lunch for her) and then did a lap around the block. 

Anyway, Le Zoo was nice. We skipped on the raw bar because we wanted to try a few of the more quintessentially French dishes, like the aforementioned paté, and some dishes that were jumping out at us from the menu like the radishes served with brioche and compound butter and the crab-stuffed squash blossoms.

The interior is really well done, especially the 60's porn in the bathrooms and the neon rings around the mod chandeliers. 

Bal Harbour has changed a lot with the departure of the LVMH brands but it's overall brightened the place up a bit and made room for some newer brands. I'm not much a mallrat, I don't like to cruise the mall on a weekend, but Bal Harbour is beautiful. It's the kind of place I like to go to once a year and imagine what it's like to be a tourist in Miami who visits luxury malls around the world.