banana bread with my tree's baby bananas


disregard that Chiquita banana sticker in the background, I grew these bananas myself! I swear! 

When I planted a cutting from a friend's tree in Tampa I never thought I would actually face the problem of what to do with a crop of baby bananas, or manzanos. But here I stood with so many bananas (including a bunch of regular bananas that I already had, hence the sticker...) that I decided it was time to do what one does with extra bananas - make banana bread! 

A quick Google revealed El Rey's Sesame Banana Bread from Bon Appetite and I was convinced by the mention of two ingredients taht I can not resist - tahini and sesame. 

While I loved this recipe and would totally repeat it's not for everyone, so it's a good thing I went ahead and made a classic banana bread to go with it (and with some coconut ice cream, ya feel me?).