beachcraft's dreamy interior + a super nice burger


you know Tom Colicchio, the second hottest Top Chef judge (ok, so Padma isn't a judge but damn she's hot), his Miami restaurant, Beachcraft is the dreamiest, nicest, most copy-worthy interior in all of Miami. I've waxed poetic about how totally stylish I think the 1 Hotel is before, but it's this corner within the hotel that I want to curl up and live in.

I heard Tom Colicchio speak at an event right around the opening of the restaurants and he said it has burned down during construction and delayed the opening, then, the first time I ate there, the fire alarm went off. I should mention I've been afraid of fire my whole life, like, as a child, I had to be removed from Disney on Ice during the Fantasia fire dancing part of the show. Anyway, even a fire alarm going off throughout my meal couldn't ruin how much I enjoyed this Beachcraft. But, retrospectively, I made a big mistake on that visit - I didn't have the burger. 

Beachcraft has one of the best burgers in the city. A double patty is suddenly the only way I think a burger should be. Pair it with the nice tomato salad (also pictured below) and a spritz and you've got one of the all-in-all nicest lunches in town. 







2341 Collins Ave, Miami Beach