Five Nice Summer Foods


it's the kind of weather that makes you both hungry and it's hard to eat without sweating. Have no fear, here's what you should be eating this summer in Miami. Or you could just leave for the whole summer. That would be nice too. 


these toasts aren't on the menu at Fooq's but if you're nice they'll bring them out to you complimentary (or maybe you can ask nicely?). Fooq's, right next to The Corner (aka across the street from Space), was a wonderful surprise. Super nice food, very styled ambiance and great service. I'll be back soon and I'll be ordering the ceviche special again if they have it (you guys know how strongly I feel about ceviche, right). I asked why it wasn't on the menu full time and the chef told me they used to have it on the menu, but they're only bringing it back as a special when they can get the absolute freshest fish available for the dish. Like I said, they're nice there. 


spiked Arnold Palmers. Made at friend's houses. To be sipped in backyards. After sunset. Once the mosquitos are gone. You know what I'm talking 'bout guys. 



whatever this Dulce de Leche deliciousness was from Gilbert's. Let's give them a slow clap for that branded chocolate piece on top - super classy touch, I really respect that move. 



huevos Bulla at Bulla in Coral Gables. Because bikini-diet-schmikini-diet this was NICE. 




the Pocochoco at Jucy Lu in Wynwood. This healthy juice and bites place has a menu that will respect the aforementioned bikini diet, but if you're feeling like something sweet that doesn't feel diet-y this is the place to go. The Pocochoco is an irresistable combination of "milk" (non-dairy), banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and young coconut milk.