David Beckham to be offered 'Miami Nice' deal in America

nope, i didn't write that header- it came from people.co.ukand was sent in by David, thanks yo. 

It's pretty wild to me, given the frenzy that happens in Miami during the World Cup and the demographics of the city in general, that Miami hasn't found a way to make the Ultra's of at least a little bit of the public excitement that goes into Ultra. 
But, alas, this is the bandwagon city after all, and asking for the tiniest bit of loyalty if there isn't an impending title or trophy on the way is simply out of our character- which means the news of Beckham potentially coming to the Ultra's is actually news. Beckham, with is celeb hair and ex-Spice Girl wife (which honestly is what's most exciting about this for me) would be a welcome addition to the otherwise barren regional soccer social life. 
How fun would it be to down some beers, don an Ultra's jersey and pretend like we were fans before Beckham came? Because, well, lets be serious, once everyone showed up at halftime that's what would happen.