Homestead Home Inspo Via Argentina Estancia


this Argentina estancia, or cattle ranch, is just a short drive outside of Buenos Aires, but it feels like a world away. As previously mentioned, I have a THING going with Argentina right now, mainly because I think Buenos Aires has a lot of qualities that make it similar to Miami - the fresh pasta, empanadas and very stylish dive bars with cheap charcuterie plates help too. 

La Bamba de Areco, in San Antonio de Areco, a gaucho town just outside of Buenos Aires, is the Homestead of Buenos Aires. The three days we spent at this converted historic home were the most relaxing of a trip that was, very, very relaxing. That's another thing that makes Argentina a lot like Miami, the people there really know how to kick it, hang out, and drink. 

I have a dream that I discover a small farmhouse to convert into a weekend retreat in Homestead (alternatively, about two hours north in the Palm Beach area could work too, just FYI). The style at La Bamba would be the ultimate inspiration for a weekend ranch house that's stylish, organic, natural and luxurious all at the same time. Everything at La Bamba, which also functions as a polo team's retreat, was handmade including all the leather goods - I'm confident a similar effect can be created with a good trip to Daddy's Leather and a couple of trips to Flamingo Plaza.  

Ideally, I'd have someone around to make me breakfast, lunch, tea, cocktail hour and dinner from scratch, but that sounds too ambitious and I'd settle for the outdoor oven that's featured below: 

b2ap3_thumbnail_estancia-la-bamba_homestead_-miami-nice-2.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_estancia-la-bamba_homestead_-miami-nice-6.jpg

the pulperia is the bar area.


tea was served around 4 PM everyday and featured these tiny delectable sweets and coffee or tea. 


this modernist pool deck is the ultimate inspiration. we were there in winter so this was as close as we got. 


the dream bbq. perfect for parrilladas.


every weekend dream house has a bathtub, duh.