the jugofresh cold and flu remedy



jugoFresh's aptly named "Saca Lo" shot is a tried and true remedy for getting rid of a cold or flu. Tried and true by me, who's had a cold that feels more like a lingering flu for about a week now and has guzzled about five of these, a Green Montaña green juice, two Ashram grapefruit and cayenne blends and feels instantly better after each one. 

The first time I tasted the Saca Lo, I scrunched my face up, threw up my hands and yelled out a "Woahhhhh" (pronounced WHE-OWWW). It's tasty, it's spicy, it's made with cayenne, tumeric, lemon, lime, ginger and is not made for someone with mild tastebuds - unless they're really looking to beat that cold. 

Having long been a fan of JugoFresh's fresh jugo, Miami-slang branding (#drinkmadjuice, #madeinmiami) and nice, eco-friendly design, I was STOKED to hear that part of their ambitious expansion plan (think: a handful of new stores including mainland ventures in South Miami and Coral Gables) included one right by my headquarters (my house...) in Coral Gables at Body & Soul gym. I won't g to the gym to sweat or press buttons on machines, but I will go for juice. It turns out it's 2.5 miles from my house, roundtrip, so walking there and getting a juice is the perfect way to trade of excerise for juice and not actually have to go to the gym, but use it as a JugoFresh pitstop. Are you with me folks? Basically, there's JugoFresh within walking distance of my house, and this is huge news for me. 


3183 sw 38th court