las tias' new digs



you may not have a stylish aunt with a house full of mid-century and antique treasures that you'll one day inherit, but you do have Las Tias. Las Tias, once in Wynwood, now relocated to one of my favorite hidden little stretches of niceness on SW 28th Lane parallel to US1 in the Silver Bluffs area, is a vintage and consignment shop that's got the style of the tia you wish you had. 

The new space, behind Shell Lumber and next to Worth Galleries, is a huge, newly renovated space with soaring cathedral ceilings and vignette after vignette of carefully put together living spaces. The tables are set with colorful china, the couches flanked by lamps and coffee tables accessorized with books. While it doesn't feel cluttered, and it's clear that someone is taking loads of time to set things up right, there certainly is a lot to see. 

Prices seem reasonable, albeit high, but for good quality collectible furniture and home goods, they aren't playing you a fool and marking them up like you're a dummy. Anyone with a cell phone, and that's everyone, can quickly and discretely Google and figure that out. Not that I did that, because I didn't have to; a woman working there tactfully pointed out that the set of dining chairs featured above are selling for obscenely higher on eBay. Noted.