lincoln road: pedestrian and errand friendly


lincoln Road, has, surprisingly, become a place to run errands. What, as a kid, was a field trip to a wild part of Miami where we'd visit once a year to gawk at the spectacle, is now a robust shopping scene (Madewell, J Crew, All Saints, Intermix, Nike, Anthropologie, GAP, H&M, Zara) with a mix of national chains more like a mall than a Main Street.

In between a pop into Zara for a new pair of sandals and a browse through the non-fiction section at Books & Books, I took note of the distinct architecture that makes the street so much more than a mall. 

This Morris Lapidus designed adornment - a "folly" as they called it on Wikipedia - has long been my favorite little moment on Lincoln Road. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, Lincoln Road was one of the first pedestrian malls. Morris Lapidus, who also designed the Fontainebleau, famously said of Lincoln Road, “I designed Lincoln Road for people – a car never bought anything.” That just about makes him my hero. Thanks for making a safe place to buy white linen tank tops and sneakers (my current shopping obsessions) Morris, my main man.