lucerne bakery on coral way


one of the worst places in Miami is FPG Wholesale, the store entirely devoted to the head-splitting act that is purchasing a new door. One of the best places in Miami is Lucern Bakery, just across the street. At least, comparatively speaking. 

Lucerne is the perfect Cuban bakery - and it has the perfect signage. It's cheap, it's straightforward, the ladies working there call you nice names like "mi hija" and "mi linda" and no matter how much you buy it basically always costs less than $30 - case in point, I bought an entire tray of bocaditos, four palmeras, and eight pastelitos and I don't think we cracked $25. 

Next time I pull a quick U-turn on the way to the Palmetto and make an impromptu pit-stop at Lucerne, I'll pick up a bag of Cuban crackers too because they looked super nice



7415 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155