luminaire's 15,000 foot flagship store in Coral Gables is kind of tucked away. Yes, I said 15,000 square foot. But if you're walked the Gables more than a million times and never been inside Luminaire you probably aren't alone. If you have been inside, you know what you're missing out on. 

The store, opened in 1984, is one of Miami's oldest (only in Miami is a store from 1984 'one of the oldest') and grandest. It's a modern furniture store, that part you can see from the giant glass windows on the corner of Aragon and Ponce, there's been a leather bucket chair tempting me from the window for five years. But, you may be surprised that it's a great place to pick up a small gift for that hard-to-shop-for design enthusiast. You know the one I'm talking about, the person in your life you already has everything from the perfect doorknobs in their house to the perfect designer ashtray.