lyon freres is a nice petite marche on miami beach


celery root, specialty cheese, homemade ice cream and soups (so you don't have to decide between hot or cold - just get both), and lobster rolls? Nice. 

Lyon Freres is a nice spot on the beach for lunch, or my new favorite trend - high end, foodie fare ready to take home and eat while you catch up on your TiVo. For obvious reasons this trend has my full support. 

A new market / cafe by the team behind Lyon + Lyon, one of the city's nicest catering companies, popped up during a frantic search for something nice to eat on the run on while I was on Miami Beach. Sometimes, the internet works and I was pointed at Lyon Freres which happened to be exactly what I was looking for plus much more. This "petite marche" is the perfect place to stock up on some hard-to-find cheese and super nice desserts like the plum tart pictured above, for an impromtu host-situation. Or, stop by and pick up lunch or dinner from the ready made section and don't settle for Subway. Ever. Because you don't have to. 








1600 alton road