Mango Harissa Roast Chicken Recipe


there's nothing more satisfying than a whole chicken - it's easy and it's show-offy on a dinner party table. You can Google a million plus ways to make a roast chicken, but we're confident that this is the nicest recipe to make in Miami, a bit of heat from the harissa (we used a store bought version but feel free to go all out and make your own) and a sweet caramelization from the fresh mango puree mixed with canned mango nectar. 

We paired the chicken, roasted on the bbq with a beer can, with roasted poblano peppers, scallions, watercress and mango that can be mixed together in a wild veggie salad and topped with the chicken. May we recommend a green goddess dressing to go with it? 

The credit for this original recipe goes out to Cristy Lloveras at MCL Coordination, who should 100% be your go-to party planner, for no other reason that she is legit as obsessed with food as I am, and you probably are too. Photos are by Giselle Navarro Macias. 

Here's the recipe: 

1 whole organic, free-range chicken

1 can mango nectar 

puree of 1 mango 

harissa (can be purchased at Trader Joes or Whole Foods, or you can make your own)

1 can of beer 

poblano peppers 


mix together mango nectar and mango puree. 

rub the chicken with harissa to marinate. 

place the whole chicken on the bbq on a chicken stand over a can of beer and roasted it for one hour (alternatively, you can always do this in the oven with the added perk of the house smelling amazing, but we're in for any excuse to fire up the grill). In one hour return to baste chicken with mango nectar. Leave for another hour, basting every 20 minutes with mango mixture until chicken juices run clear. 

Remove chicken from the grill to cool and replace with poblanos and scallions to cook until charred.