mas mola sasa


molas, the beautiful, traditional, artisanal craft of the indigenous Kuna people of Panama, have always been an interest of mine. My Panamanian mother would always point out the Kuna to me on our vacations to Panama, not that they need much pointing out. The Kuna wrap their arms and legs in the same colorful fabrics that they use to make molas, a kind of layered fabric work that usually includes animals or intricate patterns. 

When Mola Sasa popped up on an Instagram deep dive, I was instantly into it. I already have a mola up on my living room wall, right behind my tv (below), why not wear one out? They've rethought the traditional mola into something wearable, but just as beautiful as the original and partnered with the Kuna people to make something that's both fresh and reverent. 

Find your mola here.