meet ana mari ortega and the ana mari ortega woman


b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2016-01-25-at-12.43.18-PM.pngAna Mari Ortega was one of the first interview subjects on MIAMI NICE, way back when, when we were just a little baby pop up blog and she humoured us with a Q&A. She's since blossomed into an even bigger, better designer with a niche in exotic skin bags and a refined aesthetic that's just the kind of woman I want to be. 

We collaborated on this shoot. I helped with creative direction and we talked about what that kind of woman that is. The Ana Mari Ortega woman, it turns out, is quite a lot like Ana Mari. She has a carefully honed closet of basics and invests in classic shapes and styles in luxurious fabrics, she's an explorer and a traveler and she needs accessories that can tow the line between lady-who-lunches and late-night-booty-dancer. Basically, she's well balanced. The bags and jewelry reflect that sense of balance, they're quality pieces that can go anywhere. 




Model: Daniela Botero 

Stylists: Duda Teixeira and Cristina Mantilla of WCP Collective

Photographer: Cesar Vega 

Hair and Makeup: Peggy Mackey