midweek not-so-standard lunch and spa at the standard


the adult version of staying home from school to watch Home Improvement, Family Matters and Full House all day is going to The Standard Spa midweek. Sin pena. 

After much deliberation over the extensive spa menu I went with the equivalent of the "house wine" and got the Standard Massage. The hydro-therapy, new age, hippie, nudist Standard Spa is one of the best spots in town for people watching, spa-ing and certainly the best place to take a bath in town. Cosy up in one of their robes and 

Cosy up in one of their robes and head out in the ultimate loungewear, all loosey-goosey and everything, for lunch at the Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill. I've been doing the classic January detox, and the menu there is designed for the kind of glam, pick-at-their-food crowd that hangs at the Standard's locations in Miami, New York and LA. That is to say, it's pretty diet friendly and if you order wisely you can leave feeling like you kept up the wellness that you started inside the spa. I left feeling very well, but I also ate the fried artichokes and didn't regret it for a second. Oh, and I paired it with a Paloma for good measure. Because nothing gets a good buzz going as fast as a post-massage cocktail. 

The real perk to The Standard's Spa is that you get access to the pool for the day and the hammam, steam room, sauna and showers. You can spend the whole day sweating, showering in the sound showers and then heading out to the pool and listening to music underwater. Yes, underwater