my ceviche is magic




I distinctly remember a day out on the boat as a little girl when I saw magic happen. Someone hooked a fish, brought him in, they cut him up and sliced him into chunks, covered it with lime and left it out in the sun for a little bit. This was all it took to make ceviche, no need for fire. Magic. 

My Ceviche is also magic. One of a few restaurants on the fast-casual ceviche trend that's got Miami hooked (sorry, I couldn't help it), My Ceviche is my new addiction. Once I found out about the one in South Miami, it became a problem, now there's one opening down the street from me in The Gables and I'm doomed. 

I'm trying to eat my way through the menu little by little but so far my favorites are the quinoa bowl and the burrito with tuna. It's all my magic words - ceviche, avocado, burrito, stone crabs AND tons of sauce options! I mean, give me a break - could this be any nicer? Once it delivers to directly to my door I guess.