nice on etsy: muuch cominidad


there's no nicer time to put your money in your neighbor's pocket than the holidays. But it's hard. Amazon delivers right to your doorstep and you can order while you binge watch TV or pretend you're working at your desk - but Etsy is just as easy! If only there wasn't that pesky problem of actually finding something worth buying. No fear, we've done the digging for you and found the local Etsy vendors that will come to your rescue this holiday season. 

Starting with Muuch Comunidad

muuch has emerged from the fusion of two heads and two hearts. We create designs for contemporary spaces with traditional fine textile artists. 

We are joining forces and creating a fair trade organization to connect many Latin American textile indigenous artists in collaboration with designers and trend makers around the globe. 

The process and quality of our products is outstanding. Every item is a unique piece of art, 100% handmade and organic in all its forms. 

Our dream is to find greater dignity and appreciation for cultural art in Mexican and Latin American textile artists

This local team even credits the makers on their Etsy profile. 

We know these multi-colored Otomi fabrics will look good in every house, which is why it makes for the perfect holiday present. Check off your list and check it twice.