nice pink (beet + grapefruit!) margarita


this beet, tequila and grapefruit juice has crept into my winter cocktail repertoire - not because it's an appropriate winter drink because the words "winter" and "margarita" aren't the most natural pairing I can think of, but because I made it for Valentine's Day and haven't been able to stop making it since. It's a huge crowd-pleaser, albeit maybe not the best for a finicky crowd, it's exceptionally delicious, contains no added sugar and has the perfect balance of acid (grapefruit), veggie sweetness (beets), spice (jalapeño) and booze (tequila). 


Here's my very non-scientific recipe for my Pink Margarita: 

fill your cup with ice + 1/2 with beet juice (I've been buying the one from Natalie's, a Florida-based company that you can get at just about any grocery store. You can, of course, juice your own beets, but I always serve this when I'm entertaining and already cooking and messing up my kitchen, so I've been going for the good old store-bought kind) 

juice of 1/4 grapefruit 

a few seeded sliced of jalapeño

1.5 shots of tequila aka a heavy pour