Nice Places in The Treasure Cay Area

we've gone over how dope the Abacos in the Bahamas are - just one hour away and there's an American Airlines flight from MIA! 

Full disclosure, I got married on this island, so it holds a special place in my heart and even though the power sporadically goes off, the island is perfect in my eyes. This time, I was just there for a quick weekend trip, but if you have a seasoned boater with you, you can hit up so many places in just a few days that you'll feel like you were gone for longer. 

Here's a quick peek at a few places to hop round while you're there and a few places to eat, but if you're lucky, like I was, your group will have some fishermen eager to dive down and spear you some fish that makes for a fresh sashimi: 


apartments on the marina in treasure cay


the beach behind Baker's Bay, a fancy members-only club on Guana Cay. luckily, everyone can enjoy this beach, which felt private to us, because the law in the bahamas is that all beaches are public. 



lunch at Orchid Bay on Guana Cay. the sandwiches will be bigger than your face, perfect when you've worked up an appetite from doing a whole lot of nothing, like drinking Kalik and getting sun. conch fritters were delicious here, as they are everywhere in the area.


never did find that liquor store... 



the famous Nippers. Order a Nipper, a frozen drink that probably has like ten kinds of rum in it, and lounge on this pristine beach behind a bar where you get the distinct feeling that lots of grimy stuff has happened. 


treasure sands, this made our last list too, and it'll probably make every list because it's where we got married.


btw I didn't have any cracked conch on this trip, so I guess I'll have to come back soon...