Picante Coconut Citrusade



this would be better with tequila but we made it as a lunch beverage... we should have just added some tequila. 

We've heard about how coconut water's ultrahydrating properties make it the best mixer and basically a hangover canceler, so we were experimenting a bit with it and came up with this coconut water based fresh citrus juice with cayenne and just a touch of agave, The fresher the coconut water, the better, duh, but when you can't make it to Palacio de los Jugos or have your neighbor with the machete get one down from his tree, the Trader Joes coconut water is the best packaged version we've found yet. 


2 lemons

2 limes 

1 grapefruit 

3/4 box of Trader Joes Coconut Water 

1 tablespoon cayenne 

2 teaspoons agave 

Run all citrus through a juicer. Add next three ingredients. Drink in air conditioning or while sweating. Tequila optional, but encouraged.