plnthouse by matthew kenney at 1hotels


rainbow food is my all time favorite kind of food and while that's not as easy a category to define when people ask as "Thai" or "Italian," you know what I mean right? I subscribe to the idea that the more colorful your plate, the more delicious and, apparently, so does Matthew Kenney. I've previously praised the very nice Plant in Wynwood by Matthew Kenney so it came as no surprise that Plnthouse, the new outpost in the 1 Hotel on South Beach was nice

Plnthouse did, however, have some surprises waiting for me. 

The first was where it was located within the hotel, I wound through a maze of elevators, hallways and through the uber-stylish gym (seriously, it made me want to do the elliptical just so I could soak up the room's design - and getting me on an elliptical is no easy feat) and then stumbled into a sun-drenched cafe setting with cozy organic decor. I looked past the hanging rope lights and the comfy linen benches and to my surprise, we were overlooking the ocean. It was the outdoor seating area that took my breath away. Not to rely on an old cliche it really did make me gasp (see above). 

I let them know I eat absolutely everything (except Fritos, but I didn't think I'd be at risk of a plate of Fritos as the menu is mostly-raw and all vegan / health focused) and they treated me to a spread of Thai Rice Paper Wraps (Avocado, Red Pepper, Mango, Red Cabbage, Sprouts, Herbs, Tamarind Dipping Sauce), One Salad (Shaved Vegetables, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Sprouts, Spicy Macadamia Nuts, Avocado, Chili-Lime Vinaigrette), One Bowl (Brown Rice, Sprouted Lentils, Roasted Broccoli Crowns, Massaged Kale, Nori, Sprouts, Turmeric Dressing), and a Roasted Tomato Sandwich (Turmeric Sunflower Cheddar, Herb Aioli, Arugula, Zack The Baker Bread). 

If you're the type of person who thinks it's impossible to get full from vegan food, I recommend you go and order up that spread and then consider the idea of putting on a bathing suit after. 

The meal finished with a beautiful, artful slice of Mango Cheesecake (Pistachio Crust, Lime Curd) and was paired with an It's Always Sunny (Gin, Watermelon, Basil, Lemon, Sparkling Water). 

I could eat this food every day. And I actually could, given the prices. It's easy for health food restaurants to price people out, especially the kind of health food served with an ocean view in a hotel that has, at least a top-three most beautiful lobby in South Beach. But, they've managed to keep the price point reasonable at Plnthouse. Mains like bowls and sandwiches clock in around $15 and the smoothie bowls (next time! I'm coming for them!) are closer to $12. I wouldn't rank it on a "Miami's Most Affordable Meals" list, but I would rank it on a "Bang For Your Buck" list. Ya feel me?