POOL Party


POOL Labshow, a new boutique focused on small European brands, otherwise undiscovered in the Miami market is making a splash on Coral Gables. Sorry, I couldn't help it. POOL looks like everything that Coral Gables could and should. 

POOL looks like everything that Coral Gables could and should. Housed in a glass box, surrounded by limestone, on the very top of Miracle Mile, facing the unfortunately phallic statue of George Merrick, the store is the most balanced blend of classic Coral Gables and modern design in town. The interior has been cleared and cleaned so that it's a two-story, light-filled fashion experimentation center. 

POOL is billed as a "LabShow," meaning, a place to experiment with bringing new designers into this space. POOL is merchandised with a blend of wearable everyday looks, for people who's everyday outfits are nothing short of Sartorialist-worthy, resort wear for beach days or vacays and gala gowns. Every piece has been carefully curated, picked for its ability to blend into the Miami-look while letting its wearer stand out from the crowd. 





376 miracle mile, coral gables