salvadoran food - go with the sampler platter



on a drive down to Homestead I pulled a U-ie and swerved into El Rinconcito Salvadoreno. I watched some novelas on Univision from the counter and ordered their equilavent of the good-old-TGI-Friday-style sampler platter.

I'm a total newbie but I knew that pupusas are their thing. Pupusas are a fluffy stuffed tortilla. I didn't see the vegetarian option on the menu, with comes stuffed with a type of squash, but apparently, that's an option sometimes.  

For me, the star of the show was the condiment - a little jar of vinegar brined spicy cabbage, onion and carrots with jalapeƱo. Oh and the white cheese. Because you can never, ever have too much queso blanco. Ever. Especially melted over anything. In this case, refried beans, chips and on the side. 


15924 sw 137th ave