shiver's bbq: a nice homestead pit stop


usually we stop for tacos on the way down to the Keys or a key lime coconut milkshake from Robert Is Here and then carry onward. Sometimes, I go the semi-homemade route and pick up half the meal and make the other. Lately, I've been on a kick of ordering takeout meat from a BBQ place and building the rest of the meal on sides. 

I was sitting at Duffy's with a friend's mom having lunch and beers (the good life) and I mentioned I needed to find a good BBQ place. Beth, being an old school Miamian, directed me to Shriver's in Homestead as fast as you can say "pulled pork." 

I usually listen to Beth, so I cemented the plan and later that day and we called while on the way to Key Largo and ordered briskett and pulled pork for a party of twelve. 

I recommend you do the same. I can't remember exactly what I served it with (that's what happens when you start drinking beer at lunch), but it included a watermelon feta salad and prosciutto melone. 


28001 s dixie highway, homestead