stiff competition on calle ocho: mas barato que los chinos!



ignore the giant eyeball advertising the beauty salon and focus on these competing advertisments: Wholesale and Details has some serious beef with their neighbors Yani China West and they aren't afraid to say it. 

Allow me to translate for those of you who don't speak Spanish - Yani China West sells clothes and accessories for women, men and children and Wholesale and Details wants you to know they have it cheaper than "los chinos." A good old case of east vs west, all manifested into this sign infront of a strip mall on Calle Ocho. 

Full disclosure - I'm team Yani China West because there was a really funky looking herb and Chinese medicine store called Ginseg House that I always wanted to go to, but never did. Now, it's been replaced by the kind of business owners that sell Wholesale and Details and racist slurs. 

This is why I almost crash just about every time I drive down Calle Ocho. Sensory OVERLOAD.