SUMMER SONGS: Daniel J. W!ishington


the summer is here, officially. Can't you tell by the everyday three o' clock rain shower and growing aversion to closed toed shoes and pants? It's happening guys. Time to sit poolside and listen to whole albums - reapply sunscreen around track 7. 

Today. we're featuring some brand. spanking new music from a very, very talented artist Daniel J. W!ishington. He has nothing to do with Miami, but the music is good, he's my friend and we know you're always looking for new music - so we thought we'd do you a solid and introduce you to your new favorite up-and-coming artist and his brand new EP "Qontaqt".  

Here's a little bit from Daniel: 

This release marks my three-year anniversary of living in Los Angeles. I wrote these five songs on a $70 electric guitar I bought during my first LA summer, and an acoustic guitar that was gifted to me by a greatly inspiring teacher. That teacher once told me the best advice he ever heard was, "Be more like yourself." When I perform these songs, I am more like myself. They explore, observe, and reveal me in a state of learning how to be myself; perplexed, yet pleased by my new habitat.

I fell in love with the effort it took to capture my feelings and thoughts through my lyrics. While programming the drums in my palette with the rhythmic feels I envisioned. The songs were finally set free during a long weekend at my engineer's house in Oxnard, CA, where we recorded overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Sounds that you'll hear on this album were recorded in Boston, Philadelphia, Oxnard, and Los Angeles. I waited three years to properly record some of these songs, while only a few months for others. Regardless of time frame, they are now seeing the light of day and I couldn't be happier about it.