take it or leaf it: A Hair How To

b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed_20140721-133433_1.pngthe whole swim week thing is kind of ehhhh. We're indifferent. However, this hairstyle on the Mara Hoffman (remember when she chatted with us about teepees?!) runway made our hearts skip a beat - because it's relevant. AMIRITE?! Read on my wild haired friends. 



The good people over at Mara Hoffman sent over a How To for all you tree worshiping party gals: 

1. Using a layered approach, glue in double wefts of hair from ear to ear at the back of the head until desired

length and fullness is achieved

2. Create a clean, center part and use CATWALK® by TIGI® Work It Hairspray to achieve definition

3. Using a large tong, ‘curl’non-uniform 2-inch sections of hair towards the face; prep and set each ‘curl’ with

CATWALK® by TIGI® Work It Hairspray

4. Once head is fully ‘curled’, use a flat brush to gently brush out and back-brush the curls to achieve the desired

“candy-flossy” texture

5. Gather most of the hair at the back and prep the bottom 3-inches with CATWALK® by TIGI® Camera Ready Shine

Spray before braiding said section in a 3-plait technique. Secure with clear elastic

6. Attach a small top section of palm leaves to the bottom of the braid using another clear elastic and a single

palm leaf to wrap around/cover the end of the braid

7. Set the look with CATWALK® by TIGI® Work It Hairspray


images courtesy of Mara Hoffman