tea quiero


here are the rest of the images from our little Jojo Tea tea party at Simpson Park in Brickell. If you haven't read our interview with Jojo Tea's Mike and Tico, it's a nice one - so click here and get the scoop on everything tea from a couple of local dudes that know their stuff. 




this is dried hibiscus flower that's steeped to make hibiscus iced tea. 




thank you to everyone at Simpson Park for letting us use your very special enclave in Brickell as a backdrop. Anyone who hasn't visited this preserved hammock in the middle of all the skyscrapers and financial centers is really missing out on something special and rare. You've probably driven right past it on South Miami Avenue a million times without even thinking about it. Next time, pull a Uie and wander in. It's free. 

55 sw 17th road