the last carrot, the last of the old grove


go to The Last Carrot and whatever you order, get it with the green sauce. If you've ever experienced the insider-thrill of the double pink sauce at Samuri (oh, hey real Miami, I feel you) you'll appreciate this insider tip. 

The Last Carrot is a glimpse at what Coconut Grove used to be. This juice bar and healthful food counter holds tight the hippie-everybody-knows-your-name vibe that we've heard in local lore. Don't go in a hurry (although, if you are in a hurry, or work in the area you can call ahead and place on order to-go online and it will be ready for you), grab a spot at the counter, eavesdrop on a median convincing the girl making your pita that she can connect with spirits and enjoy your pita and fresh squeezed juice. 

This tight menu features whole wheat pitas packed with veggies like bean sprouts, shredded carrots, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and cucumber plus the filling of your choice. Options include the homemade hummus, chicken salad and, for the adventurous, peanut butter. One day, I'll work up the gall to try a vegetable and peanut butter pita, but I usually stick to the hummus one and a grasshopper juice. This somewhat scary colored, very green juice isn't the kale-chard-greens green juice that's trendy lately, it's a fresh summery pineapple wheatgrass concoction that will cool you down on the hottest Miami day.

At The Last Carrot you'll find a vegetable juice (carrot, beet, celery) that's cheaper than all the competitors in town. 

If you want a life that's a little Portlandia (with a dash of Erik Spoelstra, who's known to frequent this spot) - The Last Carrot should make it on your frequent lunch list. Oh, and it will have to be your "lunch" list, they aren't open until around 10 and they close at about 4:30. Ah, the Grove hippie days.