the little farm house: an online wonderland explored #IRL



if the internet is full of deep dark holes, consider me an explorer with one of those flashlights strapped to my head, lost in the deepest, darkest, blackest of the holes. I've stumbled across the property that is now called The Little Farm House online a few times over the years. I think I'd seen it on airbnb, when hunting for staycations that I'll never take because I love my house (and my thrift store cane chairs!) and I'd also seen it as the background of photo shoots and recognized the little Carribbean style cabins and urban river view. 

When an email popped into my inbox a few weeks ago - sorry, I'm behind on posting - for the opening of a new and improved version of the property I'd long ago hunted online, I was so in. It was a chance to get my hands dirty on an internet hunt that I'd long ago gotten lost in and then given up on: I sent an email to the old owner asking to come by and see it and never got a response. So, I'd always figured it would only remain a mythical internet place. 

The Little Farm House didn't disappoint. In fact, it's hard to do justice to the property, now available for rentals and events, in photos online. The Little Farm House is made up of small one-bedroom cabins, each a distinct shade of Bahamian-inspired island colors, one bigger house that's been wonderfully, and rather fancifully, restored, and winding outdoor paths and gardens. Part of the charm is in the balance the new owners have struck between the existing run-down-Little-Haiti-bungalow vibe and the world of Pinterest style. The place is well styled, well restored, semi-swanky and totally chill all at the same time. I overheard someone talking about the potential for a yoga retreat, someone else chatting about using it to house visiting artists and I couldn't stop imagining a long table with twinkling lights and a totally editorial style dinner party of my dreams complete with some cool kids using the skate ramp by candlelight and tons of tequila (not together). 

The opening party featured lots of booze, BBQ by Shorty's, music by The French Horn Collective, a local band who plays gypsy French music regularly at Lagniappe and I have a mega-crush on (guys, you'll be at my dream dinner party too!), plus a crowd that looked, don't hate me for this, totally LA in the best way possible. Is there really a better way to spend a Sunday than sitting by a river licking your fingers and eating Shorty's? No. That's why I'm glad I made it out to the super nice, new The Little Farm House and I hope that I get another email inviting me to something there soon. If not, I'll have to take matters into my own hands and host that dream dinner party (there's a DIY bouquet station, Pinterest dreams do come true!). It's an event venue now, and theres' someone who answers my emails, so this online dream might just become an #IRL reality too.