the great samurai revelation


if you haven't been to Samurai for a good handful of years, you wouldn't believe how slammed the place still is. Samurai is going strong. On a weeknight, we waited a good 45+ minutes to be seated for a night of old school birthday celebrating - paper hats, double sauce and all. 

Samurai, down by Dadeland, is a Miami institution. A nostalgic place of Shirley Temple drinking and fried rice eating. The classic onion volcano, my personal favorite, is still being performed an estimated 65 times a night and all is as it always was. The only real revelation, in a transportive night back to my childhood, was that the famed "double white sauce" order is not actually the best move to be made. That's right, the brown sauce, actually, a ginger sauce, isn't all bad, and the real pro move is to mix the two sauces together. Now you know. Oh, and get a dragon punch drink, it's a big headache in a bowl and makes for some great, saucy pics, not featured here. 





8717 sw 136th street