the sarussi hangover special


sarussi sandwiches, giant Cuban subs drizzled with a mystery sauce, were a childhood staple in my house. That's why I woke up on a recent Saturday morning, just before noon, with a crazy hankering for the Cuban version of a meat lover's sub that reeks of garlic - I'm guessing that's the main ingredient in the mystery sauce so mysterious and the sandwich so big that it made it on Man vs Food. 

Consider Sarussi the In and Out Burger of Miami, sure, there's a menu with tons of options, but there's really only one thing that anyone gets - the Sarussi Original, jamón ahumado, pierna horneada, queso mozzarella, pepinillo y salsa de la casa or smoked ham, baked pork, mozzarella cheese, pickles and the secret sauce. 




6797 SW 8th St