Nice New Ways To Use Your BBQ


1. Bread. Toast your bread on the grill and put it out with some bruschetta and burrata to pick at while you grill up the rest of your meal. 

2. Pineapple. Grilling pineapple and serving it with ice cream is like the apple pie a la mode of grilled desserts, that is to say, it's a hot and cold combo without the added sugar or caloric crust. 

3. Romaine Lettuce. A grilled romaine salad is a suprisingly refreshing way to serve a salad. Plus it looks mega nice. Slice the spears into quarters of halves the long way and quickly grill for the marks. I'm really, really into anchovies right now and a grilled romaine Cesar salad with anchovies sounds like the perfect steakhouse-at-home-vibe. 

4. Shishito Peppers or Pimientos de Padron. Neither are always available, both are delicious on the grill. Resist the urge to drench them in oil, they don't need it. Be sure to leave them on until they're lightly blistered. 

5. Anything Made In A Castiron Skillet. Eggs, cornbread, rice dishes. Anything. Consider using the grill as an outdoor stove with a castiron. 


I can't personally vouch for these, but here are a few interesting things I came across with some quick Googling. 

Grilled in Foil: 

- Popcorn 

- Olives 

- Plums and Onions (very excited to try this combo)