travel guide: cat cay, bahamas



the launch of the Bimini shuttle is imminent. If this means you need to find a new Bahamas hang out, perhaps a private island that isn't accessible twice a day for fifty dollars via casino of the sea, consider Cat Cay, What's really nice about Cat is that there isn't really much there. A single restaurant and outdoor bar overlooking the marina are regular spots for Cat Cay Specials ( you may be familiar with this specialty frozen beverage and not even know it, it's that sugary, red, frozen rum based drink that you can find at just about any "tropical" location - they're delicious and amazing and impossible to only have one) and piña coladas.

Cat Cay is real laid-back luxury. Bike around the island in about an hour. Play golf in your bathing suit and sandals (you probably shouldn't do that, but we did) with an occasional chicken as a spectator. Drink a piña colada. Have conch salad. Read a book. Hang in a hammock. Take a sun induced nap. Drink another piña colada or four. Spot Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Have conch fritters. 

The homes are beautiful and tasteful and everything that a home in the Bahamas should be. The open bar served Caymus wine flown in by the case from Napa. It's more Mara Hoffman, less Vineyard Vines. 

Where to Stay: Victoria House 

How to Get There: So, technically, this isn't a Road Trip Travel Guide, unless you consider the Atlantic Ocean the road to paradise. You can only reach Cat Cay via boat or small plane. Island Air Charters provides on demand flight service, meaning you book a flight, they'll fly you there, but they leave out of Ft. Lauderdale. There are a few options for leaving out of Tamiami available on Cat Cay's website. 

What To Read: Hemingway, Lord of The Flies, Vanity Fair




 the police station



this chicken rounded out of foursome for a quick round




dinner was homemade and fresh caught. All it needed was a bit of lime. 







at Victoria House reading Vogue - didn't get around to that Hemingway this time...