travel guide: full moon party islamorada

pack up on a whim and head down to The Postcard Inn in Islamorada for the Full Moon party. 
All you need is one casual night outfit that can handle having a few drinks spilled on it (preferably with some good ventilation, it can get a bit warm even with the Key's sea breeze), an outfit to go home in and pajamas. A ten minute packing, twenty minutes on Google and booking the room, plus whatever time it takes you to organize your group and you're set for a night of firethrowing, junkanoo (Halloween costume idea alert!), a tiki hut club, drinks with glow sticks in them and a cover band all set on a beach infront of a plantation style hotel. 
That's right, nothing has ever been nicer, it's the kind of only-in-Miami experience that leaves you wondering where the heck am I? and how the heck did I get here? But trust us, it's worth it. 
A few tips. In mid summer, you don't have to book the Postcard Inn much in advance, but this adorably designed Miami