venetian pool hydrotherapy center


why isn't Venetian Pool a more popular party venue? This place is NICE. Well, the answer is easy, Coral Gables' sound ordinance shuts down any chance of a wild late night party, but here's an alternative proposal for putting Venetian Pool to work - use it as a gym. 

On a Monday afternoon, there were just a few German tourists at the historic public swimming pool. It was an easy way to swim a few laps - and yes, they feel just as long as they did when you were a kid - and get in a quick workout. Skip the gym and get some Vitamin D while soaking in a bit of Old Gables history. Once you make it across the main pool and under the waterfalls, let them fall onto your shoulders for a quick, and cheap hydrotherapy session to reset your posture from those hours spend slumping over the computer. 

Just think of all the good you'll be doing for your blood pressure when you lay out on the sand in Coral Gables instead of braving the traffic to the beach. 





2701 de soto boulevard, coral gables