what I've learned about Miami through Basel

there's a new bar opening in a hotel called Townhouse on the beach that bills itself as the sophisticated dive bar we've needed all along. It's called Delancey's and wil have a soft opening during Basel in collaboration with New York nightlife spot Westway is having a jam there. Westway is associated with some of the straight up coolest spots in NYC right now including The Jane Hotel (who have the very best free matches, reminiscent of a Wes Anderson design, I've ever seen in my whole life - if only I'd stolen more of them) and The Smile. We're hoping it actually is a place we've needed all along. 

A few years ago I read that premixed alcoholic beverages are a crazy burgeoning market - or whatever you financey people say. I wish I had gotten in the game then and done what Miami Cocktail Company is doing now. I hadn't heard of this brand until I saw them billed as a sponsor for a Basel event and thought to Google them, but I'm glad I did; they're making premixed mojitos, piƱa coladas, caipirinhas and more. 


everyone and everywhere is getting their hands into the overflowing Basel cup - or however that saying goes, including Johnny Walker. Johnny Walker has a gallery in Miami Internation Airport, a pretty dang smart idea for an international brand looking to get a whole bunch of eyeballs on something that's probably not for the serious art crowd anyway. Local marine biologists/artists at Coral Morphologic are contributing to this installation. 



french macroons with a cult following are opening their doors on Lincoln Road with, what else, an artist collaboration. This time it's Will Cotton for Laduree.