worth galleries, worth a visit




worth Galleries may look like a pile of junk that over flows into a bikram yoga studio, visible from US1 and 27th Avenue, but it's really a giant treasure chest tucked behind Shell Lumber and a paddleboard and kayak store. 

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the incredible magnitude of mega-chandeliers that the pictures below absolutely can't do justice. If the brutalist chandelier in the first picture (below) looks like it will fit in your living room - it won't. Seriously, unless your living room is the lobby at the Biltmore there's no chance it will fit. If you are decorating a mega-studio for a major motion picture or moving into a Star Island mansion, maybe you have a place for one of the dozens of football field sized lighting fixtures; otherwise, you'll probably want to do like I did and focus on the smaller things. 

For every crazy-huge chandelier and animatronic dinosaur head there's a small piece of design that will fit into your otherwise Ikea and West Elm outfitted home. Give your house a little punch and check out a limestone deco table, the tiled relics of a Virgin Mary shrine, knickknacks to fill your shelves, small antique lighting fixtures of different eras and styles. 









2520 sw 28th lane