wynwoodmap.com gives credit where credit is due


if you think your signature just looks like a scribble on your receipt at CVS and even more like a scribble on your late-night receipts, you've never seen the very cryptic signatures on the street art in Wynwood. It's a shame too, because some of the murals and pieces deserve some credit. Even if you're looking to figure out who made what in Wynwood, it's nearly impossible to figure it out - until www.wynwoodmap.com

This website works a lot like our very own NICE PLACES map. Zoom into a neighborhood, block or specific site and it will tell you who's art is there. 

Now, you can walk around Wynwood, use the site and explore more work by that artist by following the map or just have a name to go with what you're seeing. 



featured artist and friend of MIAMI NICE, MRKA working on a new mural this week in Wynwood.