young artist initiative at bardot: a chat with dj will buck

There's a nice event on Thursday at Bardot called Young Artist Initiative. Those are all words that catch my attention, so I decided to have a little chat with some of the artists that their highlighting in this night celebrating young, ambitious musical talent on a week that isn't in early December (Basel) or late March (WMC) (catch my drift?). They also used the word "nu-disco" in the press release and I have no idea what that means, but I like the sound of it. Maybe I can get to the bottom of that before the event on Thursday, April 16th. 

Events, like the Young Artist Initiative, at places like Bardot, are helping Miami form a musical identity and giving a stage to young talent who deserve to be heard. 

First up is DJ Will Buck:


Hi there, let's get the basics out of the way. Tell us who you are, what kind of music you make. 

I am Will Buck. I make soulful music.

What's your connection to Miami?

I've been DJing and making music in Miami since 2012. Some of my best friends live there.

How are you influenced by Miami? 

Miami definitely influenced my style of DJing. Playing at Bardot, where I have a have a lot of freedom, I experiment and play stuff that's out of the box for me.

As a DJ, you're in the genre of music that has really blown up and gotten attention in the Miami music scene. What do you see missing?  

I'm not sure what genre I'm in, but DJ culture has blown up and that's cool. I think that, in general, what's missing is variety. It's on everybody to be different, from the venues, to the DJs, to the club-goers. DJs ... Don't play the same shit as everyone else. People going to clubs... Demand something fresh and creative!

We think the idea for the Young Artist Initiative is super nice. Do you? 

Young Artist Initiative IS super nice. Support young artists! Give us all your money.

Have any secret spots that you frequent and can share? Late night spot? Regular lunch place? Drinks hang-out? Anything from the most hole-in-the-wall place you've stumbled into to you're go-tos. 

My favorite spots in Miami are Gigi's, Limoni for lunch, Panther Coffee for cold brew, Moshi Moshi for food late night, Soho House for drinks and beach, Standard for drinks and spa.

What's next after the Young Artist Initiative?

I've got a bunch of songs I'm excited to put out. There's some new Legs Benedict tracks with David Sinopoli and a pianist named Sensei, I'm working on stuff with Telescope Theives, David Marston, and a vocalist named Daj from NY.. hoping this will be a big year!